1st Crossfit Memphis class

Today after Xfitness at French Rivera, I attended my first on ramp class at crossfit Memphis. I had previously done crossfit in Jackson the last couple of months for a frequency of twice a week. I have tried a lot of different styles of working out but this seems to be at my intensity level. tonight we learned about some basci moves such as air squats, ring rows and push ups. we were taught the perfect for and then we did a mini workout where we did the following: Jump rope for 1 min before each set (due to the weather ) and the following exercises 15-12-9 ……. 1.Air squats 2. ring rows 3. push ups. 3 sets with the reps as previously stated. I finished in 7 min and 38 sec. I think. I may get brave and attend a full class as I feel I am prepared but we will see. also I learned about the paleo diet and how much fun that is going to be but we will see how well I do with that. I am going to try:-)



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