Killer Workout! Bootcamp style

Each Circuit A-D is performed as followed:

3 rounds of each circuit and 20 reps of each exercise within the circuit.

Warm up:

each exercise 30 seconds except run of course:

2 rounds

Jumping Jacks
Jump Rope
Heismans side to side
Vertical Jumps
400 meter run


A: Burpees
Bent-over rows
Ski Abs
B. Lunge & Curl : off bench step or Floor
Bicycles ( Abs)
400 meter run
C. Squat Push Presses: Dumbell or Barbell
Medicine Ball cleans
Box Jumps
D. 400 meter run
5 turkish getups per side
Power Push ups : pushup and feet to hands
Cool down and Stretch.

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