Full body workout

Jump Rope 3 min

3 Rounds of the Following:

Burpees/ Jump on the Bench X 10, Shuffles on the Bench X 10, Squat and touch the Bench x 10 and jumping jacks x 10

3 rounds of the Following:

Mountain Climbers in plank with Medicine ball, Bicep curlsX 15 with 15lb DB, Tricep kick backs x 15-20, 8 lb DB, plyo jumping straight up x 10

Full Body Drill AMAP

16 lb medicine ball ( only large one I had), jump in plank position then left knee to left elbow, then right knee to right elbow, pushup on the ball, jump up into a squat do a power jump with knees out, land in a squat position, pick up medicine ball turn 180 degrees set the ball down jump over it and do 3 consecutive squats then repeat sequence …….

3 rounds of the following: 35lb kettlebell swings x 20, Touch the Floor x 20,  lateral lunge and twist with 16 lb medicine ball and alternating shoulder press x20 with 15 lb DB

2 rounds of the following:

10 pullups with small band resistance, situps on the ab mat x 20, lateral raises in plank position with 8lb DB, box jumps with step down x 10, ring dips x 10 with small band resistance







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