Total Body Challenge

Total Body Soreness!

2 Rounds of the following :

A. 20 reps each

Burpee facing bar ( Burpee then jump to other side of bar turn around and do another burpee ( repeat)
180 degree squat with Wall balls
35lb Kettle Bell swings
Push ups

B. 20 Reps each

Shuffle off the bench
Ring rows
Lunge off the step with combo Bicep curl 15lbs
Double Unders

C. 20 Reps each

Lateral Lunge with Ugi Ball floor touch
Box Jumps ( step down)
Alternating Arm/leg V ups
Switch Kicks
3 way jabs in squat position ( 60 total)

D. 20 Reps each ( with exception to snatches)

Single Arm overhead Tripcep extension 15 lbs
UGI mountain climbers
Ugi squeeze ( between Legs)
5 (35lb) Kettle Bell Snatches each side


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