BR fat burn and hot pants workout

These are both BODYROCK.TV workouts with a few changes to meet my needs! Vary as needed. Scale when needed! Have fun and workout 🙂

Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – You will complete the following 6 exercises two times through.

1) Walking pushup with Jump Tuck

2) Low Jack Pull Up

3) Ugi Side Plank Pick Up- Using The Ugi ball (side plank right the left then stand up with UGI or med ball)

4) Weighted situp and stand up ( with sandbag or DB)

5) Core Balance (with feet elevated, do a push up and then raise opposite arm and leg)

6) Burpees (round 1)
Wall balls (round 2)


Set your interval timer to 50 seconds on & 10 seconds rest & bust out this circuit twice.

BodyRock Workout:

1) UGI or medicine ball 3 Ball Jump & L&R Spider Knee Plank Touch ……. With hands on Medicine or UGI ball bring both feet to right shoulder, starting position then left shoulder then right knee to right elbow, left knee to left elbow.

2) Wide Leg 1/2 Burpee & Bentover Row – using a Sandbag or Dumbells

3) Push-Up, 3 Jacks, Surfer Turn (180 degree turn)

4) Round the Ball Abs – feet slightly off floor bring them from one side over the ball to the other side and repeat!

5) Sit up to bench jump to squat position.

6) Squat & Side Leg Lifts with the sandbag.


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