HP sermons restoration part 2

HP church sermon: Chris Connelly

Restoration part 2

Every person has to be rescued then restored, then redecorated.

How do we live as Christians in a non-Christian world.

How do we be grounded not distracted?

Fears of being in the world:
Where our temptation lies./ where does the world tempt YOU the most.
Don’t engage the culture in the areas of your weakness!
If drinking is your weakness, don’t go to a bar but rather engage in a culture in the area of your strength.

Don’t avoid the culture of your temptation or you can become like the Pharisee’s

Key to successfully engage the culture
Love God more and love sin less, the more you love people, the less you love sin.

3 ways to overcome fear of the world

Roman 12:2
Renew our mind

John 15:5
Abide in Christ

Galatians 5:16
Walk by the spirit

1.Choose scripture instead of entertainment

Priority time:
Reading the Word/ prayer
Replaces your addiction to the world with your addiction to the Word.
Challenges reading, listening, watching ect.

2.Prayer instead of power
Drives us to be God centered, instead of wanting God to serve us

Pray at an appointed time.
Pray with family and friends
Pray for specific missions, people
Write out your prayers once a week!

3.Generosity instead of greed.

First fruits of our harvest
Malachi 3: 8-12

you reap what you sow
You reap After you sow
You reap more than you sow

4.Choose simplicity instead of consumption.
Consumption is becoming our idol

Fasting is a way to replace the unimportant with the important.
Unnecessary with the necessary

5.Choose friends over social media.

Face to face
Voice to voice
Screen to screen
Email and text

Friendships begin with opportunity
Develop with time
Thrive with involvement.

6.Choose fruit of the spirit than deeds of the flesh.

Pattern of sin?

We must uphold No compromise just as strongly we uphold compassion.

Our freedom is restrained by the weaker brother.

1 corinthians 5
Matthew 5:18
God never uses impurity to create purity

7. Choose rest instead of Productivity
Be present in the moment. Sabbath provides balance.
Set aside a day to spend with God and family


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