My sermon Notes on fellowship Memphis sermon on Marriage


Matthew 19

Institution of life that Requires more forgiveness than anything!

Erase every expectation of relationships and marriage

How Jesus approached ministry.

Vs 1: He is healing and busy serving loving.
Pharisees busy talking about people.
Religious tendency to talk it out and not work it out. To judge on the sidelines.

Highly debated issue due to misinterupation I
Deuteronomy 24:1 Moses premitts a man to divorce due to indecency (which indecency is subject).

Is it Lawful? Is it promisable?see the religious tendency to ask what is the furthest I can get away with, instead God what do you want me to do.

He ignores the problem/issue but the beauty of marriage!

He deals with the original design God had for marriage. When Marriage is broken go back to the original design God had for it. ( He is the manufacturer of it)

Why marriage?
The gospel helps us understand marriage and marriage helps us understand the gospel.
Purpose of marriage is to glorify and reflect who He is in our lives.
It isn’t as much about how
Much a man loves a women or how
Much a woman loves a man but the love that a creator has for his
People. He created marriage to be a symbol of a witness of how he loved you and I. Purpose is to look Like GOD.

Marriage is:
For God
By God
Through God
HIs way to remind the world how HE loves us.
Gods love is Unending, full of sacrifice. It is permanent and eternal and that is how our Marriages are supposed to be.

Vs 4
Idea of leaving or forsake. Everything but God Needs to come 2nd to your marriage.
It is not an add on to your life. you don’t Live as of you are Single. Your spouse isn’t a compliment to your schedule. They are your schedule.

Have to left, are you willing to leave family, friends, career, money or kids

We worship our kids. We should
Love out

According to Ephesians 5 : husbands need respect and wives needs love and when you focus on your kids too much. Daddy starts to get respect from Kids and mommy gets her love from the kids and then one day when the kids leave you two are sitting there not knowing who the other person is.

What do you need to leave behind

2. Two should cleave together.

Cleave: Hebrews means to peruse one another so Closely that u stick.
~Idea of ongoing pursuit.

Vs 9. 2 reasons for divorce:
First reason: adultery
Second reasons for leaving your wife. Biblical desertion.

The are biblical exceptions not rules/ commandments Moses permitted it because of the hardness of our hearts and our refusal to forgive.

We have two high expectations of marriage and our Perspective surrounding divorce is too small.

Jesus says to cleave such that we stick like glue but we peel away when it gets to hard. You don’t treat me like you used to, your not as pretty as you used to be. I don’t feel Like I used to.

Jesus says cleave: when you come together it is not just a post
It connection. It Is stuck together, God has to break it apart and it will not be the same.

Single people: watch who you marry.
If he is stupid now, if he isn’t treating you well now, why then.

Married people: accept who you have married. Not in your strength but Gods strength

3. Idea of oneness vs.5

Goal is to enjoy one another.
Sanctification and consecration. Once married it is Gods. Goal is to
Know intimacy, sharing, oneness.

It doesn’t happen overnight, if they have not come to the table of forgiveness and sacrifice.

If you are His marriage is doable


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