Sunday Funday:) 30min workout

Set interval timer to 30 rounds of 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest (optionally you can do 40/20 or 30/30). Do 3 rounds of each couplet. This workout is a BodyrockTV workout
That I changed a little:)

1: a)Jump lunges with oblique chop ( with weighted med ball or UGI )
b) kettle bell swings 35lbs or whatever you have available ( may use DB or sandbag if no KB.

2. a) Deadlifts with 1/2 Burpee ( sandbag/barbell/DB ) lite weight. I did 70lbs.
b) weighted squat with same weight as DL.

3. a) clean & jerk with barbell or sandbag ( I did 70lbs)
b) elevated knee under push up with feet in med Ball or UGI

4. a) plank shoulder touch x 10 and toe touches x 10.
b) wall ball squat and press/throws

5. a) barbell rollouts
b) upright row/half Burpee with sandbag/DB or barbell.

Total time: 30min


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