Finding Joy in your workouts again by Amanda Malone

Another great workout at Crossfit Chickasaw completed this afternoon. I have been doing crossfit for almost 2 years now. I love crossfit, like many who try it and ” drink the crossfit cool aide” as the saying goes. I am a pretty self motivated person & working out with others, has always motivated me even more. I am slightly competitive yet I am realistic. I know I have limitations at certain points during my fitness journey. For example, If I have never dead lifted before, I don’t think I will all the sudden come to crossfit & deadlift 200 lbs in a workout, regardless of how motivated I am, I may get there eventually or maybe not. Crossfit is really about helping people move functionally. It is about learning how to move to prevent injury while doing everyday activities such as picking up your newborn from inside the play pin or getting groceries off the top shelf. I wish I could look at each of my workout in this way. I am always in a constant battle with myself. I AM MY WORST CRITIC. Who can relate? I am striving to let up on myself more. It can become burdensome to continue down this path, your workout start to be a second job, or something you dread, knowing you are already going to do worse than you should. What is the solution? I believe with some small steps getting your joy & motivation back is possible.

1. Set realistic goals: If you set your bar too high, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Take a moment to evaluate your fitness level, strengths and weakness’s. You don’t have to do every workout as prescribed or written out. Not only will you fail but you also are not meeting the goal of the workout. For example, If you do a workout with 65lb thrusters & pull-ups aka “Fran” in the crossfit world, and you know 65lbs is light but not necessarily light for 45 reps & pullups ,well “I got those” you say, but I may be a little slow with 45 reps … do you do this wod prescribed even though it takes 15 mins? some may say yes. I say why? so you can say you did fran RX’d? I say maybe you keep pullups prescribed since there is a significant difference between a band & no band pullups , but 65lb thrusters? why not 55? 45? The goal of the workout is an all out burn & get done fast, so to improve speed you must practice speed.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others: This is probably one of the hardest things for me. You see someone older than you, who may have just started crossfit 6 months ago & they are almost lifting what you are, or they “almost” beat you in a workout for time. You think to yourself, wow, I must be getting worse, how is it I have been working out longer & he or she is almost where I am. Remember, God did not make all of us good at everything. We have natural abilities in different areas, 9 times out of 10 there will be something you are better at then others & vice versa. So, try your best, embrace your talents & work on yor weakness’s.

3. Take a break: Okay okay, now this is my #1 hardest thing. Without recovery comes injury, pain, irritability, decline in performance, mood swings, ECT. There is alot of different opinions on recovery but the fact is, it is necessary. Below is a great article from the Crossfit journal on recovery. I agree that regardless of the multitude of recovery techniques out there, your muscle need rest, whether it is swimming for active recovery, walking around the neighborhood, taking a yoga class or a light trail hike to enjoy fresh air.

4. Change your attitude: Easier said than done, I know, but you have to kick yourself sometimes and stop sulking, change your attitude, be happy you can move unlike others with medical issues. Our minds dictate how we perform as well, so be positive!! IImage


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