500m row
10 Burpees
Spider-Man stretch
10 KB snatches #20 each arm

Back Squat 6×3 @155
1st round 155 felt fine but coming out of squat toward right side, so decreased weight and focus on squeezing butt especially on way up.

2-6 #150

Snatch practice building to heavy snatch but not a max. I have an older 45lb bar that is hard to grip

Squat Snatch plus OHS x1


Gymnastics practice 15-20 min of

Butterfly pull-ups
Handstand walks
Handstand Push-ups

~ 10-12 …..45 sec sprint intervals on treadmill (raining outside:()
First 5 intervals at 9.5 mph at 1.0 incline
Last 5-7 intervals at 10-10.5 mph at 1.5 incline focusing on keeping hips forward and chest up.

Total 2.1 miles


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