Skills/strength & conditioning

5 sets

~Pendlay Row 4-6 tempo 21×1 … Bent over row, hands out wide bar touches floor each time. Focusing on lat activation and pause (1sec)
~Dips 8-10. Had a hard time with right post carpal tunnel hand so I just practice getting into a good position with shoulders back.
~Ring fallouts x 6-8 reps… on knees stay hollow arms out wide & straight…tempo… 3111. These were AWESOME & tough:)
~Alternating front rack lunges 8-10 per
55, 60,65,70,75… Right foot in boot due to surgery.

B. 20 min AD every 5 min get off & do 15 HRPUs… 7 HRPU and 8 on the paralettes…. Right hand hurt but was able to do 7 per round on soft mats.


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