Strength/Skill & 1st Metcon since surgery

5 min warm up on Bike
Pass throughs
Shoulder warm up

4 sets
~Single arm bent over row with KB x10-12 each
Left arm #35, right arm #20 due to carpal tunnel recovery and shoulder issue….. Focusing on form and lat activation
~Band-assisted dips on dip stand x 10 …. Keeping shoulders back and using proper form as well as trying to work up to putting pressure on right wrist.
~ Ring Fallouts x 6 keeping hollow and arms straight, not bent.
~Side Bridge each side 30 sec
~Hip Thrusters x 20 1 sec pause at top… Working on glute activation


3 rounds

10 ring push ups
10 push press #55
10 KBS #35
10 V-ups



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