Home workout

I made this workout for a friend. I didn’t actually do it! Looks great!

Workout 1

Warm up:
Jump rope in place 2-3 min.
Then 20 seconds arm circles small, medium then large circles
superman stretch
See video:
spiderman stretch

5 push-ups ( on knees if needed. Body moves as a whole) no snaking up
5 squats ( chest up/butt below knees )
5 sit ups

Repeat x 3 not full
Out this is warm up:)

4 sets

Close Grip Bench Press light weight 35-55lbs x 10 reps (hands about 5 inches apart just inside shoulders)

20sec Hollow Hold

Hollow Hold

Dumbbell thrusters x 10 hips full depth squat.
(With DB in hands above shoulders squat and go into press)

20 Russian twist with DB

russian twist

12 Burpees …here how to Burpees but string them together better than this basically it getting into a squat then kicking legs back laying on the floor, snaking up a push up ( strict push-ups would be too hard after a while) and getting back into a squat and clapping overhead. …..

Rest 30 sec after each movement, do all 5 exercises 4 times with the 30 sec rest between. Watch tutorials before starting, unless you know what these movement are.


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