Sunday Garage Gym workout

I am focusing on some of my weakness, my lats, my pushing such as in CTB pullups and push-ups and ring dips& core strength.

Warm up
Row 300m
Dynamic warm up
2 rounds
5 push ups
5 KB swings
5 goblet squats

A. Bench press 4 x 4 warm ups with 65 then 75.

B. 4 sets
10 Laying static hold rows #20 DB
10 scap pullups
20 Russian twist with DB #20
Hollow holds x 20 seconds

12 min amrap

Row 200
5 Strict HSPU
10 Goblet squats #35KB
5 Burpees

(5 plus 100m)

Rest 5 min

12 min Amrap

10 Box jumps 20inch half I did fast step ups
3 ring dips
3 strict pullups
10 alt KB snatches #35

(5 plus 13)


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