Monday Muscle

I have a nasty cold but feel I need to workout so I am doing strength work, heart rate gets up slightly but since breathing isn’t easy right now I kept cardio to a minimum today!


500m row
Dynamic warm up
I.e arm circles, leg swings, skips down and broad jumps back.
Pass through a with PVC pipe then stretch front rack position/ tricep stretch.
Spider-Man stretch
OHs with PvC x 10
Push ups x 10

A. OHP ( overhead press) 45x 10, 65 x 8, 75 x 6, 85x 5, 95x 3 85×5, 75×6, 65x 8

B. 5 sets of each with 30 sec rest between each:

*Front squat x 5 + push jerk x 2 #125!
Ring dips x 5 (you can do more if have mastered this skill well, I am working on these)

SA KB Row x 8-10 per #35

15 push ups

25 sit ups or ab mat sit-ups

*Last 2 set were 1 push jerk cause I was getting tired and didn’t want to compromise form.


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