Thursday 1/5/15 Workout

This was taken from Crossfit Hit & Run workout of the day with some changes to skill & Metcon. I didn’t want to run in 20 degree weather:)

Warm up
Row 400
Leg swings
Arm circles
Pass throughs

2 sets
push-ups x 10
KB push press ( light) x 5 per
Burpees x8

4 sets

rest 30 sec between movements and 60sec between sets

Power Clean 2.2.2 10 sec btwn doubles
SA KB rows 6-8 per
Ring support x 15-20 sec
DU max unbroken


Row 1000
GTO x 9
Row 800
GTO x 12
Row 400
GTO x 15
Row 200

17:04 got interrupted when heater in garage fell over. Didn’t stop clock & madi in garage with me asking questions lol

This felt hard after first row/GTO I think I went out too fast on the first row. I had planned on Power snatching but after rowing 1000m the weight felt much heavier than In the warm up, so I clean and jerked them all.


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