Iced in WOD 02/16/15

Warm up:
400m row
25 Jumping Jacks
10 T push-ups
10 Pass throughs
10 good mornings
10 overhead squats
25 jumping jacks

Spider-Man stretch

A. Warm up snatch to 80%

Emom x 10 min

2 snatches @80-85%

105 x 5sets then 110 x 3 sets then 115x2sets

Video of # 110

B. 4 sets

Strict HSPU x 5
Russian Twist x 15-20 per
10 v-ups
Ring dips x 7
Snatch grip deadlift x 5 @135-145

C. 10 min amrap

Power cleans x 3 #85
STO x 5
Burpees over the Bar x 7

9 plus 2
hungry and tired after all the other stuff but pushed through. Burpees felt worse.





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