Mommy/Daughter workout

After I got home today, I was planning on taking a rest day from the gym, ice and snow were starting and I saw this as a good rest day. My 8 year old was so hyper, jumping on the bed and running around the house! She then said, let’s do a workout, one like you always do! I thought she was joking but kept on, so I made this workout for us:) she had a blast and was happy to be a good role model for my daughter 🙂 it wasn’t a tough workout but tonight it was about my daughter ! That made my workout PERFECT!


Do each movement for 30sec on and 20 sec rest. Repeat these 6 movements for 5 rounds.


Sandbag over the shoulder squat, alternate shoulders each round


Sumo Squats with KB twist : do a sumo squat then bring one knee up and twist towards knee holding KB.

Sandbag drags forward and back while in a plank position.

KB clean & press x 15 sec per side.

Rest 1 min repeat x 5


Jump rope 

KB swings

Mountain climbers




Rest 1 min repeat x 5 


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