Day 4 Power Snatch, Snatch Deadlift & accessory strength work! 

Programming to work on OLY lifts and avoid squatting with right knee. Used the foam roller on right quad and hit a lot of knots right above knee cap. Going to continue to ice after working out and avoiding activity on knee another 5-7 days. As well as voodoo flossing and foam rolling😊💪! 
Today’s work:
Warm up 500m row
Arm circles 
Leg swings 
Burpee broad jumps
10 pass throughs
10 Good morning 
10 box jumps
4 sets
Left Leg Bulgarian split squats (right tendonitis) 8-10 reps.
• #35, 65, 75,75
Strict Toe To Bar 6-8 reps 2111
• 7,7(5/2), 7(5/2), 7
Bicep curls x 12 reps 
Weighted Hip thrusts x 8-10 reps
• Bar, 65,65,65
Power snatch 1.1.1 with 5 sec between singles
• #65,75,85,95

Snatch Deadlift  5 x 4
V-ups x 10 & 20 Russian Twist
(C) From Crossfit Hit & Runs Partner WOD todat, changed to work for just me!

5 rounds with 1:1 work rest ratio

  • Shoulder to Overhead x 7 #75
  • Box Jump Over x 9  20″box
  • Row 200m
  • Rest however long it took you to do the round. Try to be consistent ! 

 Total 15:42


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