Rehab/Glute workout: Weak Glutes causing knee pain? Try this workout! 

Warm up500m row

Dynamic swings: leg swings forward and back then side to side! 

Arm circles/ankle mobility

Good mornings x 10


3 sets of

A1:Pole assisted squats (squat without holding onto anything then use pole to assist you to standing position) working eccentric portion of squat! X 15

A2: Clams x 15 per with band

A3: Ring dip negatives keeping hollow position at the bottom x 5 sec x6 reps

4 sets

B:Single leg glute bridge with one foot on med ball x 8-10 per
B1:RDL’s x 6-8 @31×1

B2:Banded Face pulls x 10-15

B3: Weighted diagonal bench or box step up with kick back x 10-12 per #20lb DB


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