07/02/15 Workout

Warm up: (Crossfit Hit and Run Style)

row 500m

10 Pass throughs

Arm circles

Frankenstein walk down and back

Russian baby maker x 10

Hold Bottom of goblet squat x 20-30 seconds 

Couch stretch x 90 sec per side


 4 sets

A. RFESS (Bulgarian split squats) x 8-10 per + KB pp x 5 per #20 DB,then #44 KB, #53KB x last 2 sets

B. Single leg hip bridge on medball 

Every 90 secs x15 min

Powerclean + split jerk x 1


Every 6 min on the min for 18 min ( 3 sets)

10 alt KB snatches 

Box jump overs x 20

Run 400m

I had approximately 2min and 31 second to rest after each set.


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