7/5/15 workout

Warm up
EMOM 12 min

Even:Row 15 stroke
Odd: 10 push-ups + 10 sit ups

4 sets
A1: eccentric squats w/ elevated heal #45 lower to 45degree with 90% of weight on right foot, then use left leg to push back up. X 10-13reps

A2:Then Box squats with light weight. Slow down to seated then use hips and glutes to explode out of seated position to standing.8-10 reps

A3:Seated SA KB press x 6-8 per #35 KB (r) x 7 reps and #25 DB (L) x10
A4: V-ups x 10

4 sets

B1: Russian twist x40 #20 KB

B2: Strict HSPU x 5

Row 500 meters
10 TGU (5per)

Row 400 m

8 TGU (4per)

Row 300 m

6 TGU (3per)

Row 200 m

4 TGU (2per)

Row 100m

2 TGU (1per)



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