Early morning strength 😱

Wednesday I received 2 cortisone shots, 1 in my elbow and the other my knee to relieve a bursa! I usually go right back into stuff hard, but I am going to ease back into heavy weights this time focusing on squat form, mobility and post WOD stretching and mobility, as well as weak adductors and accessory work! 

Warm up with 500m row

Dynamic warm up of leg swings, arm circles. 

Spider-Man stretch 

Abductor stretch 

Pigeon stretch

10 Goblet squats

10 Bulgarian split squats each leg

Front squat to medball: focus on form not weight, with each one focus on glute activation and pushing knees out and breathing. 

 Bar x 10, #65 x 8, #85 x6, #95×5, #105 5, # 115x 5, #120 x 5

Between sets of front squat I did some ring dips, ring holds, and x band walk x 10-15 per leg.


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