09/08/15 workout

WArm up:
500 m row


Inch worms

2 sets

Strict press x 5

Scrap pull ups x 5

Ring dip X 1

EMOM x 20 min

E: power clean + jerk x 2

O: alt single leg glute bridges x 15 ( 5 sets )

Then penguin walks R then next set left 

EMOM x 8 min
 strict pull-up x 2 + ring dips x 2

EMOM x 10 min
E: Hang snatch plus behind the neck strict press x 2 (5 sets)

O: hamstring curls on stability ball x 15 ( 5 sets)



Then Did Crossfit Collierville (Hit & Runs workout)

4 sets

RFESS x 8 with opposite arm holding KB overhead

Sumo Good mornings x 6

SA bent over rows x 8 #35

Then 3 rounds 

490m run

21 KB swing #35

12 pulls up 

Rest 30 sec
10:50 RX


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