Morning session😴

I have a meeting for work tonight so I had to get a quick workout in before work. 
Warm up:

500 m row

Arm circles  & Leg swings

Spider-Man stretch x 30-45 sec per side

10 pass throughs 

5 KB swings

5 inch worms 

Front rack mobility 

Wrist stretches 

10 OHS (for me to a med ball on a weight plate)


Build to a heavy power clean and jerk for today.

 I am pretty sore from yesterday’s workout at Crossfit hit & run. Some gradually defending rounds of Cindy with 400m runs sandwiched in between. I am feeling the burn😳. 

I worked up slowly focusing on form. #65, 75,80,85,95,100,105,115,125,130 & 135. I stopped there since. Knew it was getting heavy and I didn’t have a lot in the tank today. Up until 115 I did 8-10 RDLs in between C&J attempts. 

Lastly a short metcon of :

4 rounds 

5 hang power snatches

10 OHS ( to a ball on a weight plate for me due to knee pain)

10 burpees over the bar

It took me 6:20. My shoulders , legs and wrist were in pain😓. 


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