Sunday Funday

Warm up

500m row

10 pass throughs

10 OHS

4 tall snatches 

4 snatch balances

4 high hang power snatches

Strength A.

Behind the neck strict press

#55 x 8,60 x7,65×7, 70x 5, 75 x 4, 80×2 

Between each I did single leg DB deadlifts x 10 per and penguin walks aka banded lateral walk. ( alternating ) 

Strength B.

Build to heavy squat snatch


I did too many reps most likely but I did not expect to get this far. I haven’t squat snatched over 100 since end of May due to my knee. Apparently the accessory work is helping😊

10 min amrap

Box jumps x 5

KB swings x 10#44

Back squat to bench ( focusing on firing Glutes)

Rest 3 mins

10min amrap

Burpee box jump overs x 7

Strict hspu x 5 ( in garage I used ab mat )

Strict pullups x 2  ( low number but I am slow in building back my pullups since tendonitis) 
I definitely am coming up on my toes in my snatch. I feel I am shorting my second pull. I am happy I was able to get this weight today.


The difference in making 130 & missing 135


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