09/21/15 Workout

Warm up:

500m row

25 jumping jacks

Bear crawls x 3 lengths of garage

Walking lunges x 3 lengths of garage

10 pass throughs

10 Good mornings

10 KB swings

Today I did Crossfit invictus performance wod (A & C) and B is for me to build my pull-ups and dips back up.

A:1 Every 4 min for 20 minClean with 10 sec rest between each rep. 105/120/125/130/135

Rest 30 sec 

A2:subbed these instead of HSPU( SA press x 8-10 per #30 Left #35 Right)

B. EMOMx 8 min
Min 1: 2 ring dips 2 pull-ups ( strict) this week or next week I am going to increase my reps:) can do more but building up slowly after bad tendonitis. 
Min 2: ALT SL GLUTE BRIDGES (~12-15) 

C. Metcon

3 rounds for time of 

15 DL

12 hang pC

9 front squat 

6 jerks

RX was 105 but I almost died before end of 1 round so went to 95 and started over. Did front squats to box due to patella tendonitis.



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