Earlier this morning I joined a bunch of other crossfitters to do a memorial WOD for MPD officer Verdell Smith, who was killed in the line of duty a few weeks ago. The workout was held at Atown CrossFit & was the following workout:

(*11/8/69 – Officer Smith’s Birthdate)

-11 calorie row

-8 Wall Balls

-69m Farmer Carry

-Run (walk) to the Square

-46 Sit Ups 


-Run (walk) to Park 

-46 Push-ups


-Run (walk) to the square

-46 Air squats


-Run (walk) to A-Town

-6 Pull-ups

-4 Dips

-16 Burpees 

(*6/4/16 – Date of death)

This workout can be scaled/modified to fit ANY activity level/ability.  
*All of the numbers have significance to Officer Smith. There are 4 Parts for his 4 children. 46 of each movement for his age at the time of his death. Along with reps specific to his birth date and date of death. 

**Suggested Donation of $25 to go towards Officer Smith’s family.

Then I went home & worked out with a friend of mine. We did the following🏋

400m run/row

20 PS at #85

400m run/row

20 Push Press

400m run/row

20 Bent Over Rows #65

400m run/row

20 Deadlifts #115

400m run/row


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