Monday Madness 2

Me and Kelsi seem to be making a Monday habit out of killing it in the garage! Today we did the following:

A:) Strength

4 sets of the following with 20-30 sec between movements

Bench Press X 6-8

Hand stand hold or shoulder taps X 30 sec

Good mornings 8-10 reps

Banded walks X ~20 steps per side 


5 rounds 

10 DB push press #20-30 lbs

10 DB reverse lunges ( 5per side)

10 DB deadlifts

C:) Conditioning 

5 rounds:

5 Sandbag Squat Cleans or Barbell Power Cleans ( me because of knee)#105

10 Burpee over the bar/sandbag

10 V-ups

10 Russians twist with medball 


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