Saturday afternoon fun 😬

I decided to work on some squats and conditoning today so I found this Wod from instagram(competitor training) and of course modified it to my needs.

Warm up

AD x 2-3 min

Walking lunges

High skips down & back

Burpees x 6

Hip stretch

Arm circles

Calf stretch

Hang squat clean. 5×3@ 105
Between sets I worked on the following:

Static holds bottom of the dip x max time ( not long at all🙈)

Strict HSPU x 6

Weighted pullups x 3-6 reps 7-10 lbs

Tricep single arm tricep extensions x 10


Front Squats

3 reps @105

1 rep@125

3 reps 125

1 rep @ 145

3 reps @ 135

1rep @ 155

3 reps @ 140

1 rep @160

3 reps @ 145

AD calories




Row for calories

GTO (Ground to overhead) @70



Burpees over the bar

OHS (overhead squat)#70


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