Upper Body DB workout

So I have strained/pulled or tore something behind my left knee where my calf and hamstring all tie together. I went to a different MD today that has given me a little pain relief for now and was very amazing in all she did giving me a brace, electrical stim, a shot & dose pack plus 6 pT sessions. I pray this helps because today was horrible trying to walk because I can not bend my knee even when walking without pain, which has improve some since seeing her. Anyways, I felt that I wouldn’t let it keep me from doing some weights to not let my upper strength still be able to grow stronger💪🏻 

Note these weights sound light because it has been a while since using Dumbells

Arm circles 

Push-ups x 5

Arm swings

Forearm stretch

Upper Body Strength 

Bicep curl to shoulder press #20 DBs
Tricep Dips off ottoman x 12-15

Reverse fly’s x 12 @ #12.5 DBs

X 3 sets 


Hammer curls x 12 #20
Overhead tricep extensions x 10-12 #20

DB Bench press on floor (not great ROM) #20

 Bent over rows w/KB #35 x 8 reps per

X 3 sets


Reverse curls x 10 -12 with lightweight cause of right side forearm and elbow weakness #5’s could have done 10 😬

Push Ups x 10 

Lateral to front raise then reverse direction x 10

3 sets 


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