Wednesday Training Sesh

I have been taking it easy on my calf so my training hasn’t been what I want it to be but I am being smart and love to work on single leg stuff because of my unstable flat feet. Today I was crunched for time so here is my workout

Warm up with arm circles, burpees, tricep smash on the cold barbell in my garage, and some light foam rolling of the legs and calves. 

Then EMOM x 16min
Min1 : strict HSPU’s x 5

Min2:Bulgarian SPlit Squats 8-10 per leg

Min3:  v-ups x 15-20

Min4: glute bridges x 10per single leg then 10 together.

Rest 5min then
Emom x 21 

1:Row 12-14 Cals

2:AD 10 Cals 

3:Burpees x 12-14

The key here is to use about 45 sec to work & 15 sec transition time.


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