Saturday Garage Grind

So beginning of January I push my limits on PC and didn’t realize I was having issues with a tight upper back and I sprained my wrist when I caught it with my wrist vs my fingers and delts. So I have been okay with some movements but others such as overhead movements have to stay light. So I decided to work on my lats and posterior chain.
3 sets

Bent over rows x 10

Hollow position banded lat pull down x 2 sets 3-5 reps with blue band. This was a learning curve for me. The band kept hitting my face so I finally found a good height for the band but these were not easy.

SA KB press x 6#35 ( left side, weaker side)


EMOM x 10 min

Min :1  DL ( hook grip) x 10 reps @ 155 

Min :2   4 strict pull-ups +5 burpees

Min:3   DL ( hook grip) x 8 reps @165

Min:4    4 strict pull-ups + 6 burpees

Min: 5.  DL ( hook grip) x 6 reps @175

Min: 6   4 strict pull-ups + 7 burpees

Min: 7.  DL ( hook grip) x 4 reps @185

Min: 8.   4 strict pull-ups + 8 burpees

Min: 9    DL ( hook grip) x 2 reps @195

Min: 10.   4 strict pull-ups + 9 burpees

Then : 

Every 90 sec x 3 sets

DL ( hook grip) x 2 reps @195 then weighted pU x 4 reps w/5 lbs 😞  definitely not as strong as I used to be, tennis elbow set me back! 

Did this x 3 sets same DL weight and went to #10 lb weight PU x 3 then # 14 x 1.

I would call that a 1rm because of all the pU already performed before hand:)


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