Upper body workout (post meniscus repair)

It has been about 1 week and a day since surgery. I went to crossfit with my husband and decided to buy a bench by the rig and get some upper body and abdominal work done. 

I did this really slow & careful (not for time) it is not really methodically thought out just some things I can do put into a workout. Hope this helps anyone who could use it!

25 alternating toe touches

5 strict Pull-ups 

Seated KB Press x 8-10 per#35

5 strict pull-ups 

25 alternating toe touches 

5 strict pull-ups 

30 Push-ups

5 strict pull-ups 

Plank 1 min 

25 alt toe touches

5 strict pull-ups 

24 seated alt bicep curls 

seated KB press 8per #35

5 strict pull-ups 

12 bicep curls (together)

30 Russian twist w/#14 Med ball 

5 strict pull-ups

Seated DB shoulder press x 20 ( together )

12 DB bicep curls


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