Saturday strength: shoulders/triceps/biceps & core

Each session has to be carefully thought out due to being non-weightbearing on my left leg so I am very limited but have a lot to work up to with my upper body strength. It is very rewarding to see growth. I am celebrating the small victories! Today I did banded leg extensions with my left leg & was able to hold a plank for shoulder taps without pain! This is a huge victory as well as accomplishing 10 unbroken strict ring dips. Here was my workout today!
AD x 10min upper body only 54 calories
Band leg extensions w/left leg x 4 sets x 15-20 
5 sets of

Shoulder press #55 x 10, #65 x 10, #70x 10, 75 x 7, 80 x 4

 Weighted V-ups #10 x 10

4 sets

Shoulder taps x30

L-sits to h-sits (when fatigued)x 30sec


Bicep curls alternating then together x 15

Ring dips 10,10,6, 4( weighted#5)


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