8/10/17 workout

So my bicep tendon and knee are both aching today. I did front squats @crossfit Mechanix on Tuesday for #155 for 4 reps. A friend videoed it and I realized I need a lot more work on the left quad strength.

Here is a link to my front squat:


Today I decided to do some glutes and hamstring work and a little cardio😊

3 sets of the following:

Paused Ring Dips x 2 : first time doing these paused and with bicep issues I kept
It to 2 reps a round. I could do a few more.

Kang Squats x 8-10 reps.


Weight Glute Bridges x 10

Barbell Hip Thrusters x 10


15 min AMRAP

AD x 15 cals
Weighted V-ups x 10 #10
KB alternating reverse lunges x 20 #35
SA KB push press ( left arm) x 10


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