Rainy day workout

Here is another treadmill combo I did. I think of these on the fly and really don’t put a ton of thought into it. Today I wanted to get more intervals in and needed to work some lactic acid out of my legs after yesterday’s crossfit wod consisted of 101 lunges in 2 min. I also needed some core work. Hope you enjoy.

Warmup with light walk/jog for 5 min.

Stretch calf’s and hips prior to starting intervals.


Run 2 min 7.0 mph

Jog 1 min 6.0 mph

Run 1 min 6.5-7.0 mph

10 burpees with a push-up

15 bicep curls #20’s

30 Russian twist #20 DB

Run 1 min 7.0mph

Jog 1 min 6.0mph

Run 2 min 6.5-7.0mph

30 sec side plank left

15 DB press #20’s

30 sec side plank right

Repeat 1 more time all the way through.

For a challenge repeat x 2 for a total 3 Rounds


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