Smooth & Steady

Have been under the weather and haven’t worked out in days, so it was gorgeous outside so I worked out in the garage and just keep a nice pace! Try it out🙌🏻

4 rounds of the following:

Assault Bike 10cals

10 burpees

10 KB snatches per

Assault Bike 10 Cals

15 Bicep curls weight of choice

10 weighted Bulgarian split squats per leg (Single KB in goblet hold).


Sunday Open Gym goat work.

Warm up

Air dyne 8-10min easy

Banded lat pulls

Frankenstein walks

Pass throughs

Forearm stretch

Tricep smash


Weighted PU

20 x 3-4 reps

20 (4) 20(3) 20(3) 26(3) 30 (1) 30 (1)

Push press x 3 + push jerk


Strict Ring dips x 5

Last 2 sets find a weighted max dip

#5 x 5 reps so went to #15 x 2 but failed at #20 for 1.


3 sets

Power snatch x 1 build to a heavy #85/105/105 (wrist pain)

PVC Lat pull downs x 10-15 (with green and red band

Horizontal false grip ring to sternum pulls x 5

Rainy day workout

Here is another treadmill combo I did. I think of these on the fly and really don’t put a ton of thought into it. Today I wanted to get more intervals in and needed to work some lactic acid out of my legs after yesterday’s crossfit wod consisted of 101 lunges in 2 min. I also needed some core work. Hope you enjoy.

Warmup with light walk/jog for 5 min.

Stretch calf’s and hips prior to starting intervals.


Run 2 min 7.0 mph

Jog 1 min 6.0 mph

Run 1 min 6.5-7.0 mph

10 burpees with a push-up

15 bicep curls #20’s

30 Russian twist #20 DB

Run 1 min 7.0mph

Jog 1 min 6.0mph

Run 2 min 6.5-7.0mph

30 sec side plank left

15 DB press #20’s

30 sec side plank right

Repeat 1 more time all the way through.

For a challenge repeat x 2 for a total 3 Rounds

Sunday Open Gym

Today is my day to do what I feel, I was lacking in throughout the week. I missed a couple days due to work and my daughters hair appt, so I missed our 5 rep max power clean day. I am trying to get stronger in so many different areas it is hard to choose what to do. In December 2016 I got a power clean PR of 175 but unfortunately caught it wrong and it came done hard on my wrist and despite seeing doctors and an MRI they just offered PT. I still have issues with it, although I just tape it. I am working on getting under the bar because I have a tendency to almost do muscle clean. I also did some bar mu’s and ring transitions. Hope you enjoy this!

Warm up with 1000m row,

Shoulder opener with PVC pipe.

Scap pullups

PVC deadlifts// good morning

Air squats

Forearm stretch.



A: Power Clean: build to a heavy 5 reps

85/105/125/135/145 x4 and lastly 145x 5

B: Banded PVC lat pulldowns x 15 reps

C: Bar Muscle ups unbroken sets 3/5/3/5/3

D: GHD’s x 5-10 (10 without weight, 5 with #10)

2: 3 working

A: Back squats: build to a heavy 10 rep

Bar, 85,115,135,155,165

B: False grip self supported ring mu transitions.

C: 2 clean pulls plus 1 power clean


Treadmill DB workout

Today it was rainy and nasty, also my daughter had a basketball game at the same time as my Crossfit class so I worked out later in the day at home. I am learning to not fret when I can’t get to the gym. I am adding 1-2 running workouts with Dumbbell or Kettlebell strength moves in between intervals. I am using my treadmill because the pavement is so hard on my knees and i had left knee surgery almost exactly 1 year ago. Here is today’s training. Hope you enjoy!

Warm up 5 min at a walk/easy jog pace


400m ( push pace)

Recover 1 min

400m ( push pace)

10 triceps kickbacks w/10lb DB’s

5 Single arm DB thrusters #30 (right)

5 Burpees

5 Single arm DB thrusters #30 (left)

10 plank shoulder taps ( right then left =1)

10 push ups

20 alternating toe touches ( similar to V-ups but opposite arm opposite toe)

15 Bicep curls

Repeat everything 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds.

This one was tough ( I am not a fan of running) but I know I need to improve. Change things up, step outside your comfort zone.

Friday night garage lights

I have been so busy with work this week I haven’t worked out in a couple days so I put together a few skills to work on. I have so much to work on but tonight was the following skills

4 sets

Strict HSPU to a ab mat, hands closer together than usual. Sets of 5-8

Good mornings x 10

Weight Pull-ups x 3

Shoulder PT exercises

After last round I did a ladder of weighted pull-ups

#20 4×1

#15 3 x 2

#10 3 x 3

Then I did a couple conditioning pieces to follow:

12 min amrap

8 burpee DB weighted set overs #25’s

12 bent over rows #70

16 KB snatches#35

20 sit-ups

Rest 3 min

4 rounds

AD 15 Cals

Unbroken TTB x 10

DL x 10 @#155

16 min EMOM

Hey🙌🏻, I know I️t has been a while since I posted, things get a little hectic when my daughter starts school while me and my husband work full time and coach crossfit😴. This morning I did a hard EMOM. This was the gyms WOD today and I made I️t a little more challenging to meet my goals.

Emom x 16 min

Min 1: 6 Thrusters @ #95 (1st 2 rounds I did 10 @#85)

Min 2: 10 TTB

Min 3: 6 Strict HSPU ( I did these to a slight deficit)

Min 4: 10 Hang cleans @ 95

Here is a video