Sunday Open Gym goat work.

Warm up

Air dyne 8-10min easy

Banded lat pulls

Frankenstein walks

Pass throughs

Forearm stretch

Tricep smash


Weighted PU

20 x 3-4 reps

20 (4) 20(3) 20(3) 26(3) 30 (1) 30 (1)

Push press x 3 + push jerk


Strict Ring dips x 5

Last 2 sets find a weighted max dip

#5 x 5 reps so went to #15 x 2 but failed at #20 for 1.


3 sets

Power snatch x 1 build to a heavy #85/105/105 (wrist pain)

PVC Lat pull downs x 10-15 (with green and red band

Horizontal false grip ring to sternum pulls x 5


Rainy day workout

Here is another treadmill combo I did. I think of these on the fly and really don’t put a ton of thought into it. Today I wanted to get more intervals in and needed to work some lactic acid out of my legs after yesterday’s crossfit wod consisted of 101 lunges in 2 min. I also needed some core work. Hope you enjoy.

Warmup with light walk/jog for 5 min.

Stretch calf’s and hips prior to starting intervals.


Run 2 min 7.0 mph

Jog 1 min 6.0 mph

Run 1 min 6.5-7.0 mph

10 burpees with a push-up

15 bicep curls #20’s

30 Russian twist #20 DB

Run 1 min 7.0mph

Jog 1 min 6.0mph

Run 2 min 6.5-7.0mph

30 sec side plank left

15 DB press #20’s

30 sec side plank right

Repeat 1 more time all the way through.

For a challenge repeat x 2 for a total 3 Rounds

Sunday Open Gym

Today is my day to do what I feel, I was lacking in throughout the week. I missed a couple days due to work and my daughters hair appt, so I missed our 5 rep max power clean day. I am trying to get stronger in so many different areas it is hard to choose what to do. In December 2016 I got a power clean PR of 175 but unfortunately caught it wrong and it came done hard on my wrist and despite seeing doctors and an MRI they just offered PT. I still have issues with it, although I just tape it. I am working on getting under the bar because I have a tendency to almost do muscle clean. I also did some bar mu’s and ring transitions. Hope you enjoy this!

Warm up with 1000m row,

Shoulder opener with PVC pipe.

Scap pullups

PVC deadlifts// good morning

Air squats

Forearm stretch.



A: Power Clean: build to a heavy 5 reps

85/105/125/135/145 x4 and lastly 145x 5

B: Banded PVC lat pulldowns x 15 reps

C: Bar Muscle ups unbroken sets 3/5/3/5/3

D: GHD’s x 5-10 (10 without weight, 5 with #10)

2: 3 working

A: Back squats: build to a heavy 10 rep

Bar, 85,115,135,155,165

B: False grip self supported ring mu transitions.

C: 2 clean pulls plus 1 power clean


Treadmill DB workout

Today it was rainy and nasty, also my daughter had a basketball game at the same time as my Crossfit class so I worked out later in the day at home. I am learning to not fret when I can’t get to the gym. I am adding 1-2 running workouts with Dumbbell or Kettlebell strength moves in between intervals. I am using my treadmill because the pavement is so hard on my knees and i had left knee surgery almost exactly 1 year ago. Here is today’s training. Hope you enjoy!

Warm up 5 min at a walk/easy jog pace


400m ( push pace)

Recover 1 min

400m ( push pace)

10 triceps kickbacks w/10lb DB’s

5 Single arm DB thrusters #30 (right)

5 Burpees

5 Single arm DB thrusters #30 (left)

10 plank shoulder taps ( right then left =1)

10 push ups

20 alternating toe touches ( similar to V-ups but opposite arm opposite toe)

15 Bicep curls

Repeat everything 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds.

This one was tough ( I am not a fan of running) but I know I need to improve. Change things up, step outside your comfort zone.

Friday night garage lights

I have been so busy with work this week I haven’t worked out in a couple days so I put together a few skills to work on. I have so much to work on but tonight was the following skills

4 sets

Strict HSPU to a ab mat, hands closer together than usual. Sets of 5-8

Good mornings x 10

Weight Pull-ups x 3

Shoulder PT exercises

After last round I did a ladder of weighted pull-ups

#20 4×1

#15 3 x 2

#10 3 x 3

Then I did a couple conditioning pieces to follow:

12 min amrap

8 burpee DB weighted set overs #25’s

12 bent over rows #70

16 KB snatches#35

20 sit-ups

Rest 3 min

4 rounds

AD 15 Cals

Unbroken TTB x 10

DL x 10 @#155

16 min EMOM

Hey🙌🏻, I know I️t has been a while since I posted, things get a little hectic when my daughter starts school while me and my husband work full time and coach crossfit😴. This morning I did a hard EMOM. This was the gyms WOD today and I made I️t a little more challenging to meet my goals.

Emom x 16 min

Min 1: 6 Thrusters @ #95 (1st 2 rounds I did 10 @#85)

Min 2: 10 TTB

Min 3: 6 Strict HSPU ( I did these to a slight deficit)

Min 4: 10 Hang cleans @ 95

Here is a video

8/27/17 Workout


3 sets of the following:

Strict banded CTB pull-ups x 5 with slow on the negative.

SA KB press x 10#35

Then the following conditioning

With 1 min of work/ 15 sec of rest for 10 rounds

With a #20 lb weight vest:

5 burpees

4 push-ups

3 Jump squats

2 pull-ups

1 slam ball

Rest 1 min

Then 10 rounds 1 min on/15 sec rest

No vest

5 burpees

4 wall balls #14

3 cals on AD

2 KB swings #53

1 slam ball