Love One Another

All of us in this world are so different yet have so much in common. It amazes me that so many people think that they are better than another, that someone else’s views and belief are stupid. We all have our beliefs but as strong as they may be, putting another down or trying to persuade them to change their views is not the approach. Live your life in such a manner that reflects your beliefs also having open-mindedness, Love, friendliness , compassion, extend help to other to improve their life. Whether you agree of disagree with everything in someone else’s life doesn’t mean you can not both teach each other character traits to make you a better person and learn to live and love all people. Negative words and actions benefit no one, revenge and hatred benefits no one. #showlovereflectGodstruenature


Discernment vs Judgement

Discernment is how we shape our adult values, Making decisions based on those values does not make one judgmental, if so then we would all freely place murderers/adulterers/robbers/drug dealers, alcoholics ect in our daily lives and entrust them with it. We all have different values we cherish. You can Love ALL people but choose not to have them as an addition to your personal life. When people get angry with you based on that, let them deal with their anger but don’t let them make you feel less of a person based on your choice.