Then max Squat Clean & Max Bench Press during 5pm Class at CrossFit Mechanix. I was happy to get 155 on my squat clean since I haven’t trained a lot of Olympic Lifting since of tricep and elbow pain and surgery within the last year. My bench press needs some work for sure. 115 was good but 120 a no go. Next me and my husband did the following 2 EMOM’s

15 min EMOM

Min 1: 5 squat snatches #95 for me

Min 2: 5-8 Chest To Bar Pull-ups

Min 3: 20 Medball Sit-ups
15 min EMOM

Min 1: 8 OHS #85 for me

Min 2: 1-3 rope climbs

Min 3: 10 alternating pistol squats 

The first EMOM was pretty challenging for me. The Chest to Bar pull-ups are hard since I haven’t don pull-ups in over 8 months due to elbow issues. It will take time to build these back up. I did them but broke them up in 2’s and some singles.

1st day back in the garage

Well, it has been a long 6 weeks since I had surgery. On my birthday this year I chose to have my breast implants taken out due to the age of the implants and my hashimotos autoimmune condition. It was a pretty easy decision on my part since I have had a lot of surgeries in the last couples years. I am looking at my future and my health. Anyways I have been unable to lift since then but it has been a good time for me to get better at my cardio & rest my elbow since I have been battling lateral epicondylitis. This isn’t a lot better but I am adding exercise to strengthen my elbow & massaging daily. Today’s workout was pretty scaled for me. I still can not do pullups or anything that puts torque on my pecs. So here was my choice of movements:

Bar X 8, 65 x5, 85 x5, 105x 5 125 X 3, 135 X 5 to a box, 155 X 3 ( box), 155 X 1, 145 X 5 ( box) 145 X 3 

Between back squats I did reverse DB curls and forearm curls with #5 lb weight then banded hamstring curls X 10 per side

Min 1: Box Jumps X 10-15

Min 2: Hang squat cleans #35 X 10 ( first 15 min) then Romanian deadlift plus bent over row X 10 ( last 15 min)
Min 3: AD sprints X 30 sec
Min 4: 10 second Handstand holds X 3 ( 5 second rest between) X 1 

 Min 5 : 30-40 DU unbroken



Me & my husband worked out in garage today. 

We each played the fish game on the concept 2 rower to warm up. That game is brutal lol. Then did some dynamic warmup with arm circles, leg swings then some air squats for him ( I have knee issues). 

10 push-ups

10 KB swings 

10 squats ( him) 

10 good mornings

Strength was build to a heavy 1 rep OHP. 

I didn’t feel strong on this at all. I used his 45 lb bar & worked up to 95 lbs.

Then ……..


Partner wod ( alternate after every 5 reps)

30 Clean & Jerk #115/85

Run 800m together 

30 Clean & Jerk #135/95

Run 800m together 

30 Clean & Jerk #135/105

Run 800m together 

30 Clean & Jerk #135/115

Run 800m together

37 min~ per Fitbit 

I am the slower runner by far 

Saturday workout 09/12/15

Warm up:Row 500m

Pass throughs x 10

3 rounds :

8 push press

12 bar curls

5 inch worms

Emom x 20 min

Min 1 : push press x 4 plus 8 bench back squats #85/90/95/100/105
Min 2: 2 strict pull-ups x strict ring dips x 2

Min 3: row 10 cals 

Min 4: L sit x 20 sec with paralettes

Rest 5 min then…

20 min amrap: 

5 hang power snatch #65
10 ( 5 per) weighted box step ups #20 started with #25 

15 sit ups

20 cal row 


~5 rounds ft like more.

Accessory strength & skill

3 sets

One legged squat right x 20
One legged squat left x 20

Eccentric squat with right leg down both legs up. X 15

Row 200m

3 sets
RDL’s x 6-8 @3101  #105/115/115
Penguin walk right , then left x 32 each

Box jump overs x 10 working on speed while maintaining form

3 sets

Hamstring curls with stability ball x 12 alternating between both leg and single leg

Clams with band x 15-20 per leg

 Bent over rows x 12 with bar light focusing on squeezing lats