16 min EMOM

Hey🙌🏻, I know I️t has been a while since I posted, things get a little hectic when my daughter starts school while me and my husband work full time and coach crossfit😴. This morning I did a hard EMOM. This was the gyms WOD today and I made I️t a little more challenging to meet my goals.

Emom x 16 min

Min 1: 6 Thrusters @ #95 (1st 2 rounds I did 10 @#85)

Min 2: 10 TTB

Min 3: 6 Strict HSPU ( I did these to a slight deficit)

Min 4: 10 Hang cleans @ 95

Here is a video



8/27/17 Workout


3 sets of the following:

Strict banded CTB pull-ups x 5 with slow on the negative.

SA KB press x 10#35

Then the following conditioning

With 1 min of work/ 15 sec of rest for 10 rounds

With a #20 lb weight vest:

5 burpees

4 push-ups

3 Jump squats

2 pull-ups

1 slam ball

Rest 1 min

Then 10 rounds 1 min on/15 sec rest

No vest

5 burpees

4 wall balls #14

3 cals on AD

2 KB swings #53

1 slam ball

8/10/17 workout

So my bicep tendon and knee are both aching today. I did front squats @crossfit Mechanix on Tuesday for #155 for 4 reps. A friend videoed it and I realized I need a lot more work on the left quad strength.

Here is a link to my front squat:


Today I decided to do some glutes and hamstring work and a little cardio😊

3 sets of the following:

Paused Ring Dips x 2 : first time doing these paused and with bicep issues I kept
It to 2 reps a round. I could do a few more.

Kang Squats x 8-10 reps.


Weight Glute Bridges x 10

Barbell Hip Thrusters x 10


15 min AMRAP

AD x 15 cals
Weighted V-ups x 10 #10
KB alternating reverse lunges x 20 #35
SA KB push press ( left arm) x 10

Saturday session 8/5/17

So the last 4 weeks, me and a couple girls in my gym have been doing an online rowing competition (royalty rowing) for fun….Well the last workout this past Sunday was pretty brutal mentally on me and apparently physical too. A couple days ago, my right bicep tendon started aching bad. So here again goes the joys of being a masters athlete. I truly wish I could master (no pun intended) preventing injury but I feel that my mind thinks I feel great some days when I actually need to rest! How many of you have this problem? Tell me I am not alone out there lol. So it looks like I will be avoiding making it worse for at least a couple weeks. So here is today workout. Hope you enjoy!



Strict TTB x 5
Good Mornings x 10 #55-60
SA KB Press ( left only) x 10 #35


10min AMRAP


KB snatch ( left arm only)
Burpees Box Jumps
Push ups (more weight on left side)

Rest 3 min

10min AMRAP

Bulgarian Split Squat w/#35 x 5 each leg
AD x 15cal
V-up x 10
Single Leg Deadlift #44 x 10 alternating

Rest 3 min

10min AMRAP

Goblet Squats x 10
Ring Dips x 4
30sec AD sprints @90%max effort
Sit-ups x 10

Sunday Workout

So I have been back to crossfit workouts now for a month or so now. I am progressively increasing weight but staying conservative so I don’t further injure myself. Today’s training session was the following:


PC work to moderate 3 rep #65/75/85/95

Ring Dips 5-7 comfortably 

Strict TTB x 10 

Bicep curls x 12
Front Squat 3 sets of 10 reps 
#85/95/105 to a bench to not go too low due to knee surgery. 
5 rounds

Run 30secs out and 30 secs back
1:00 PS #55

1:00 burpees

1:00 sit-ups

Easter Workout 

Watch Video here
Warm up:

5 min on the Airdyne

Pass throughs x 10 

Inch worms x 5 

Band 3 way shoulder/lat stretch


4 sets

Bent over rows x 12 narrow grip and 8 wide grip #65 ( stayed light)
Penguin walks w/band x 15 then 20 band kickbacks ( to isolate the glute med) each side.

Russian Twist x 40


5 rounds

Airdyne 20 cals

5 Strict Ring Dips

10 Slam Balls



Sunday Open Gym 

Airdyne ( AD) x 5 min

15 mini squats 

3 way Shoulder Mobility w/ Band 

3 sets of

#10 lying left leg abduction x 15-20  
#10 straight leg lifts x 15 

Banded side shufffle walks w/ sling shot band x 2 sets 20 each direction. 


5 sets

Weighted pull-ups 3-3-3-3-315/15/18/18/18

Alt shoulder taps x 40  

L-sits to h-sits to fatigue ~30sec

Followed by

EMOM x 20 min
1: AD x 30 sec sprint

2: 5 weighted ring dips 5/7.5/7.5/7.5/5

3: Medball V-ups x 10 + 10 medball alt toe touches

4: 4 -5 Strict HSPU