Get it in workout

Today I needed a fairly quick overall workout. I wanted one that had core, strength, cardio, and glute work!

3 rounds

1 min of each of the following:

1: SA or both arm DB thrusters #35 ( I did single arm due to injury)

2: Alt toe touches/ Vups

3: Assault Bike

4: Left arm KB snatch or ALT for those not injured😊

5: Banded glute bridges

Rest 1 min


Finally Friday workout

Three part workout✅


Run 1 min ( Medium to hard effort)

KB row #35 x10, then #26 x 10

Run as above

push press #35 x 10, and #30 x 10

Repeat 3


2 rounds of the following:

V-ups x 25

(Banded glute workout all w/band)

45 sec work each

Banded Squats

External hip rotations

Standing Hydrants

Lateral band walks

Monster walk up and back


3 rounds

AD x 30 sec

TRX SA tricep ext x 10

Bicycles x 50

AD 30 sec

TRX SA rowx 10

Plank hip dips x 20

SA KB workout plus Abs

I had wrist surgery last Thursday so my workouts will change a bit for 3-6 months.


2 rounds of the following :

20 sumo deadlift high pulls

10 SA KB swings

20 single arm Overhead walking lunges

10 SA KB swings

20 KB snatches

10 SA KB swings

20 SA KB clean & press

10 SA KB swings

20 SAKB thrusters


20 sit-ups

10 V-ups

20 situps

20 alt toe touches

Repeat 1 more time

I started with 35 lbs and went to 26 for some things and back to 35 for others. Start light and go faster or heavier and work strength.

You can use both arms and alternate or do sets of 5 until reps are complete.

Smooth & Steady

Have been under the weather and haven’t worked out in days, so it was gorgeous outside so I worked out in the garage and just keep a nice pace! Try it out🙌🏻

4 rounds of the following:

Assault Bike 10cals

10 burpees

10 KB snatches per

Assault Bike 10 Cals

15 Bicep curls weight of choice

10 weighted Bulgarian split squats per leg (Single KB in goblet hold).

Sunday Open Gym goat work.

Warm up

Air dyne 8-10min easy

Banded lat pulls

Frankenstein walks

Pass throughs

Forearm stretch

Tricep smash


Weighted PU

20 x 3-4 reps

20 (4) 20(3) 20(3) 26(3) 30 (1) 30 (1)

Push press x 3 + push jerk


Strict Ring dips x 5

Last 2 sets find a weighted max dip

#5 x 5 reps so went to #15 x 2 but failed at #20 for 1.


3 sets

Power snatch x 1 build to a heavy #85/105/105 (wrist pain)

PVC Lat pull downs x 10-15 (with green and red band

Horizontal false grip ring to sternum pulls x 5

Rainy day workout

Here is another treadmill combo I did. I think of these on the fly and really don’t put a ton of thought into it. Today I wanted to get more intervals in and needed to work some lactic acid out of my legs after yesterday’s crossfit wod consisted of 101 lunges in 2 min. I also needed some core work. Hope you enjoy.

Warmup with light walk/jog for 5 min.

Stretch calf’s and hips prior to starting intervals.


Run 2 min 7.0 mph

Jog 1 min 6.0 mph

Run 1 min 6.5-7.0 mph

10 burpees with a push-up

15 bicep curls #20’s

30 Russian twist #20 DB

Run 1 min 7.0mph

Jog 1 min 6.0mph

Run 2 min 6.5-7.0mph

30 sec side plank left

15 DB press #20’s

30 sec side plank right

Repeat 1 more time all the way through.

For a challenge repeat x 2 for a total 3 Rounds