Sunday Open Gym

So I am in week 2 of a fun online rowing competition and today workout was 17.2

10min AMRAP of 250m row then 10 TTB

I love TTB because it is something I am good at! So my score was 6 rounds and 13m.

Afterwards I have been working on my squat. Since I had meniscus surgery in Feb it has been a slow progress of building my strength back. Each week I am trying to add 5-10lbs to my 5 rep back squats set.

Today I warmed up with 85/105/125/135/140

Then did 5 sets of 5 reps @ 145. My legs became tired towards the end but I did them all with proper form and enjoyed it!

In between each set I did sets of 10 GHR with a small red band to assist me. I am working on building flute strength. 

Lastly I wanted to work on OHS from Friday so I worked up to a heavy  set of 2 reps with 1 second pause.

85/95/105/115/125/135 I could have done 5-10 more pounds but decide to not push too far today.

6/29/17 session

Warm up:

AD x 2 min 

Inch worms x 5

Arm circles/ leg swings

Good mornings x 10’witg PVC pipe

Air squats x 10

3-4 sets
Power clean 3 position build to a heavy worked up to #125  

SA KB press x 10-12 #35

Strict TTB x 7

Straight leg deadlift 

#85 x 10, 95x 10, and 105x 7


Against a 3 min running clock: 

AD x 15

STO x 8 @ 65

Wall Balls x 10

TTB x 8

Repeat x 4 more times 

Sunday Workout

So I have been back to crossfit workouts now for a month or so now. I am progressively increasing weight but staying conservative so I don’t further injure myself. Today’s training session was the following:


PC work to moderate 3 rep #65/75/85/95

Ring Dips 5-7 comfortably 

Strict TTB x 10 

Bicep curls x 12
Front Squat 3 sets of 10 reps 
#85/95/105 to a bench to not go too low due to knee surgery. 
5 rounds

Run 30secs out and 30 secs back
1:00 PS #55

1:00 burpees

1:00 sit-ups

Easter Workout 

Watch Video here
Warm up:

5 min on the Airdyne

Pass throughs x 10 

Inch worms x 5 

Band 3 way shoulder/lat stretch


4 sets

Bent over rows x 12 narrow grip and 8 wide grip #65 ( stayed light)
Penguin walks w/band x 15 then 20 band kickbacks ( to isolate the glute med) each side.

Russian Twist x 40


5 rounds

Airdyne 20 cals

5 Strict Ring Dips

10 Slam Balls



Sunday Open Gym 

Airdyne ( AD) x 5 min

15 mini squats 

3 way Shoulder Mobility w/ Band 

3 sets of

#10 lying left leg abduction x 15-20  
#10 straight leg lifts x 15 

Banded side shufffle walks w/ sling shot band x 2 sets 20 each direction. 


5 sets

Weighted pull-ups 3-3-3-3-315/15/18/18/18

Alt shoulder taps x 40  

L-sits to h-sits to fatigue ~30sec

Followed by

EMOM x 20 min
1: AD x 30 sec sprint

2: 5 weighted ring dips 5/7.5/7.5/7.5/5

3: Medball V-ups x 10 + 10 medball alt toe touches

4: 4 -5 Strict HSPU


Today I did some PT exercises on knee to focus on quad & glute med work. Then I decided to move but not kill it today after all the strict work on my upper body! Here is a pretty short & sweet workout!
5 rounds :

1: High/Low planks x 20

2: Alternating Bicep curls x 24 #22 

3: #5 Weighted ring dips x 4 (felt good will increase # next time)

4: Side plank 30 sec each side after 3 rounds I only did right leg. I was having some pain in surgery leg so didn’t chance it.

5: Crunches alternating arm & knee