My Health Story

Soap box for today:

There are so many people out there with weight and health issues, many people that say they have tried diets, exercise and even medical help and nothing has seemed to “get better” or improve. This is because you are not
taking the time to TRuLY understand your health and the solutions to improve/cure your health issues and you are relying on the wrong people to give you answers, rely being the key word. Here is my story…..

I feel I have been pretty proactive with my health over the years, but as a nurse I felt that I could totally trust most doctors to do the best for my health. 8 years ago I found out I had hypothyriodism. I was devastated that I was going to have to take medication for the rest of my life, how could this happen to me, I thought, I am a health nut! I was started on synthroid, I immediately within 2 week lost 15lbs, I was in size 4’s for the first time in years! I was so excited, BUT, all of the sudden I couldn’t sleep, I was anxious, so I was told I might be depressed, so I was started on celexa. Of course, being on a serotonin uptake inhibitor helped my anxiety somewhat and I was sleeping a little better. I thought, this is great! I also had bad heartburn that started during pregnancy, but seemed to worsen afterwards and I was taking proton pump inhibitors aka nexium twice a day. So I let my PCP manage my meds for a while until I felt specialists would be better. I started seeing an endocrinologist and he told me I had a goiter and I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was kept on synthroid and was just told to follow up yearly. I accepted this and went on my merry way. As the days and years go on, I still struggle with sleep, a little anxiety/OCD tendencies, as well as early graying of my hair, chronic dry skin, brittle nails, hairloss, heat and cold intolerance, dizziness, fatigue, and joint pain. In January 2012, I decided to try CrossFit, this is not a long drawn out story about CrossFit and its benefits, although I am still in love with it, but CrossFit did introduce me to the paleo diet. I started to eliminate certain things but of course not everything all at once. First, I decided to make a simple switch to Almond milk and stop cows milk. Immediately within a week, I was off my heartburn medications. I had discovered through a previous upper gi study with a GI specialist, that my esophagus was inflamed and I was having a allergic reaction to something I was eating but he said there are too many things to narrow down so kept me on my meds and follow up yearly, see a pattern here lol. I had discovered it was “cows milk”. I was so happy to not have a burning esophagus. Needless to say, I was sold on this paleo diet! I know that it isn’t the best for everyone but so far it has proven to be the best for me, for more reasons that one. Okay, so back to my thyroid issue. About 6 months ago, I started to research Armour Thyroid, a natural thyroid medication vs Synthroid which is synthetic. I found positives and negative but I wanted to give it a try, the only negative thing I could find was it was harder to maintain tighter optimal levels due to the dosages. I immediately called and left a message with my endocrinologist nurse and asked to be switched to armour. She called me back and said he doesn’t use this medication, not one of his patients are on it. I politely said, that still doesn’t give me any answers. I would like you to ask him why I can not be started on it and if he has a good reason then I will stay on synthroid. She called me back within 30 min with a new prescription for Armour. I started it the next day and within 1 week, my hair stopped falling out and my joints were not as stiff and achy in the am. I didn’t see drastic changes that fast but I certainly noticed those things. I thought, I really need to see someone who is interested in helping me, not making money on the Pharma companies. I asked around on Facebook for recommendations and was given a doctor out of Jackson, TN (currently in Memphis) named Jeremy Draper. His practice is called Wellfit Medicine. I contacted Jeremy and scheduled an appointment to meet with him one Saturday. I was blow away at his knowledge, I learned things about my disease and reasons why over the last 8 years I am not feeling any better than day 1 of my diagnosis of hypothyroidism. He spent time making sure I was eating the right foods, exercising and on the right supplements but never once did he pressure me to buy anything. We decided on a plan and we were going to draw my labs in 2-3 months. Last week I had my labs done and visited Jeremy to update my health plan. I have realized that my T3 levels are still low and my adrenals are not functioning as they should. We increased Meds and supplement where needed and recheck labs in 2 months. Many people are diagnosed with Thyroid disease each day, most of them are on synthroid yet symptoms still exist. Some people have thyroid disease but TSH levels are normal, and it isn’t till the disease has progressed to the later stages the TSH levels are too high, so they are walking around feeling aweful, people telling them they are “depressed”, they are characterized as “lazy” ect. Educate yourself on your issues, find someone you truly trust, someone not just interested in throwing meds at you. Your Thyroid is one of the most important glands in your body! It is indirectly affects every reaction in the body. I am happy to be taking my health into my own hands and happy to have found a doctor such as Jeremy to help improve my health and fix problems that the environment, my diet, and my DNA have caused. Your story may not sound anything like mine, you may have a perfectly functioning Thyroid. My point is just that if you heart disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, ect. Ask questions, is my diet possibly the culprit, maybe it’s grains? Do I eat real food? Is what I am eating causing inflammation in my body or an autoimmune reaction? Are my medications causing other issues? Research holistic approaches to your diseases as well. More to come! Have a great day!